Exercise: Quick studies

Draw 5 sketches of the whole body using pencil (HB to 3B) or pen, including standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling and lying down.

I did 5 poses of myself for this exercise. I tried to be less scribbly with this, and tried to concentrate on looking at my image more that what I was drawing on the paper.


Quick sketch – standing


Quick sketch – Kneeling


Quick sketch – crouching


Quick sketch – sitting


Quick sketch – lying down

The poses were standing, sitting, kneeling, crouching and lying down. The most difficult to do was the crouching as my legs were really beginning to hurt. I definitely didn’t worry about accuracy at all for these exercises, and I have ended up making myself very large and curvy in some sketches. I’m still a bit scribbly with my marks although I think I have done better that previous sketches. It is also quite difficult doing different whole body poses of yourself.


About tiffanymclean

I am studying towards a creative arts Degree with the Open College of the Arts. I hope to eventually train to become an Arts Therapist.
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