Exercise: Tonal Study

I now had to do tonal studies.


For this tonal study I use charcoal. I think some tones are a little and I should have pushed this harder. I used my eraser to draw in the light on my face. I think I’ve captured a good likeness of myself, even if I do look miserable.

Permanent marker and white chalk

I thought I’d experiment and I wanted to use permanent marker to create the darker tone, in a similar way to what I had done for one my my final pieces in module 4. I also used chalk to show the light tones but this hasn’t worked out very well at all. I think may have worked better on different colour paper.

Charcoal and white chalk

On my tutor’s advise from the the assignment 4 feed back I brought an A4 pad of more natural tones, so that I could experiment with shade on a mid tone. I chose gray paper and used chalk and charcoal to depict the tone. I also hid under a table with a candle lamp to get a good light contrast on my face. I like the effect of this as will definitely be buying a bigger pad of similar colours, and use a mod tone support for my final piece. I haven’t quite got my face shape right on this piece.

Before I decide on a final piece I am going to do some brain storming and experiments for different self portrait ideas.


About tiffanymclean

I am studying towards a creative arts Degree with the Open College of the Arts. I hope to eventually train to become an Arts Therapist.
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