Exercise: Using Colour

I had to work with a model or develop an existing drawing and draw an expressive portrait of the subject.


On the left is a self portrait I did on module 4. I really like this and feel I have captured a good likeness of me, although I don’t like my expression. I look very stern, but I think this tends to happen when you are concentrating on drawing yourself.


I really don’t like the portrait on the right and it hasn’t turned out very well at all. The shape of the face is wrong, the length is too short and my chin is just wrong. I did this before using the 5×7 grid guide. On a possitive I think I have captured features well.

Mixed media

For this piece I used oil pastels, blue paper and silver foil on purple pastel paper. I like it and think I’ve got proportions right and captured my image well. I think I could have progressed it more and done more too it. I am planning to do another one with collage and mixed media to push this idea forward more.

Coloured pencil

I did this portrait on A4 paper using coloured pencils. I used purple as shade but think I should have used blue instead. I have tried to use blue over the top. Also I think I should have used smoother paper. I had to redo the mouth after assessing it as it wasn’t wide enough. I also think my face should have been wider.


About tiffanymclean

I am studying towards a creative arts Degree with the Open College of the Arts. I hope to eventually train to become an Arts Therapist.
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