Research point – part 3

I wanted to look at a few more artists and the way they used line.

Klimt, Gustav (1862 – 1918) Young Woman, 1917 [pencil on paper[ [b/w photo]. [Online images]. Private Collection. Available from [Accessed 17 August 2012]

Klimt, Gustav (1862 – 1918) Reclining Female Nude, c.1914 [pencil on paper[ [b/w photo]. [Online image]. Private Collection. Available from [Accessed 17 August 2012]

Gustav Klimt – Klimt is becoming one of my favourite artists. His line drawings are very energetic and the lines are not always flowing and smooth, but it still gives me a sense of the mood and emotion he was trying to capture, if not add to it. Klimt’s images were very sexual and this is included in the sketches he did.

Matisse, Henri (1869 – 1954) The Dream, 1943 [pen and ink on paper]. [Online Image]. Private Collection. Available from [Accessed 17 August 2012]

Henry Matisse – Matisse’s lines drawings are very simple and not necessarily describing accurate proportions but is still easy to see what he is describing and get a sense of emotion from them. He is part of the Fauvist movement, and his images are also quite Naive in nature too.


I’ve looked at several different artists and styles.  this has prompted me to recreate some of my previous sketches in the same style as them, and try to improve my own personal line drawings. I would like to make them more flowing and simplified.


About tiffanymclean

I am studying towards a creative arts Degree with the Open College of the Arts. I hope to eventually train to become an Arts Therapist.
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