Experiments with self portrait

In preparation for my final piece I first want to experiment with different portraits using unusual reflectors. Today I have done two.

Reflection in shaving mirror

First I did a series of self portraits using a shaving mirror to look to get unusual images of my face. I did 5 poses with my face distorted in different ways. It was quite interesting to see your face in an unusual way, and made you look at features like you may not have done before. Getting proportions right was impossible for this but I did measure. It was nice to have the freedom of not being too fixated on correct proportions, and I think the image does still look like me.

Reflection in a filled wine glass

I then moved on to drawing my face reflected in a filled wine glass. This was quite an interesting pose as it mainly tonal, and the features of the face were masked, such as the eyes. I concentrated on shape as there was no detail to capture, and i also added in the reflection of the glass which added interest.


About tiffanymclean

I am studying towards a creative arts Degree with the Open College of the Arts. I hope to eventually train to become an Arts Therapist.
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